Hey Fellow Wine Lovers,

My name is Barry Schmeichel and I’ve been buying and selling wine in this town for 25 years. With my finger on the pulse of the Omaha wine scene, I scout out the best possible wines for the money that I can find.

Any wines that I sell at Wine121 I have personally tasted. With my many connections in the wine and spirits business from all over the world, I assure you that I will select only Wine Club winners for you to enjoy.

Wine Club wines will be available the first week of every month: We will e-mail you when they are ready for pick up.

If you're interested in joining our Wine Club, simply fill out our brief application form below (We will also send you Wine 121 Event information and weekly specials!)

Make sure to add your email address, and receive some of the best values the wine world has to offer - that can be yours on a once a month basis!

Join today! — Barry Jay Schmeichel

Benefits for Wine Club Members

  • No corkage fees for bottles you buy and drink at Wine 121
  • Additional quantities of your monthly selections can be purchased at a 10% reduction in price whether you buy a bottle or a case
  • This is a great way to have wine on hand for parties or just everyday sipping
  • No more stress making wine selections yourself