Wine 121 Owner & Chef Barry Schmeichel

I'm an enthusiastic collector of great wines from all over the world. You, like me, may know that there are many terrific wines--so many that it can be difficult for a wine lover to zero in on that special bottle, the one that speaks to them as a real experience.

I've tasted thousands of wines

To stock our shelves at Wine 121, I only hand pick what I drink. With my experience and the trusted advice of some of Omaha's best palates, I root out new great wines and great values on old friends to offer to you.

Do you know what you like?

I will get it for you. Looking for something new or rare? I work to stay ahead of the curve to find the wines you want.

About Wine 121

Each of us has his or her own idea of what tastes great. Over time, that can change and evolve. I am here to help you explore the continuum of wine enjoyment: Sweet to dry, red or white or rose, still and sparkling. Pairing wine with food, how wine develops and changes in the glass, collecting, storing and serving wine. I'll listen and share what I know to point you in the right direction.

I look forward to helping you find that special bottle. Please come in, say hello, and let us help you in your hunt! 

Cheers, Barry